Tongue Piercings

November 27, 2006

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. WordPress has a strange affinity to logging me out all the time and I’m really getting fed up with it.

This entry is about the infamous tongue ring. This is one that I haven’t tried myself, and don’t plan to. It’s just one of those piercings that makes me shudder when I think of getting it done.

There are several different versions of the tongue ring, all of which look interesting (albeit creepy).
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The Septum Piercing

November 17, 2006

The septum is a piercing that greatly interests me, as I have one of my own and I think it’s very unique and attractive on those who can pull it off.

I enjoyed this article on the septum piercing. The facts are straight-forward and accurate, and presented in a way everyone can understand.

Body Implants

November 10, 2006

Do you think that tattoos and piercings can be extreme?
Do some piercings make you cringe?
Check this out.

I’ve never seen anybody in person with this type of implant, but I’m sure many of you have seen the “Cat Man” on television. You know, the guy with solid tattoos on his skin, implants in his upper lip, and whiskers?

Image courtesy of

This is pretty much what he did to get that cat-muzzle look.

While I give kudos to these people for being different, I’m also sort of grossed out. I don’t find it at all attractive and I’m willing to bet it would be hard to find someone who does.

A New Use

October 31, 2006

I came across this news article and I was mildly disturbed.

This is a new use for tattoos that I’d never even considered, but I must admit it’s a good idea. However, I was shocked to read that a tattoo artist feared for his life.

Never did I think that tattoos would come into play in the war in Iraq!

Removable Ink?

October 27, 2006

I found this article online and it was quite interesting.
The Harvard Crimson

The idea of removable tattoos sounds bizarre to me, but I guess it would be a good thing for people who choose their tattoos too hastily. However, even with this new option on the horizon, I think people should allow themselves a sufficient amount of time to think about what they really want.


October 13, 2006

Scarification is relatively unfamiliar to me and it’s not something I’d ever want to do. However, the subject is still extremely interesting.

National Geographic has a good web page that explains what scarification is, where it came from, and how it’s done, right here.

I think this would be so much more painful than getting a tattoo! I’d rather have a needle stuck into my skin than be branded like a cow. Nevertheless, it is unique and I respect that.

Tattoos: FAQ

October 6, 2006

A lot of the questions and answers for tattoos are similar to piercings, so I’ll try to just cover the differences.

What does it feel like?
The feeling of getting a tattoo is completely unlike any other kind of pain, even piercings. Some people describe it similar to getting snapped with a rubber band repeatedly. I think that’s the best way to describe it as it’s very difficult to say the feeling in words.
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Piercings: FAQ

September 29, 2006

People will often ask me their questions about piercings when they see me with my septum out. I’m happy to answer them, as it’s always been a great curiosity of mine. In this entry, I’ll do my best to answer the most commonly asked questions.

Will it hurt?
Of course it will hurt, it’s a needle going through flesh. To what extent it hurts, however, usually depends on the person. If you’re able to get your ears pierced without a flinch, body piercings shouldn’t be too difficult. But if you get squeamish at the site of blood, you may have a rough time.
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A Little About Me.

September 22, 2006

Now that I’ve given you a brief history on tattoos and piercings, I will share with you my own experiences.

For my 16th birthday, I begged my mother to let me get a piercing. She decided the only one she would allow was the eyebrow, so that’s what I got. It didn’t hurt much. By that time I was used to needles, because in my younger years I had a lot of bloodwork done, and I already had 9 piercings in my ears, including the cartilage. So I was accustomed to that kind of pain and it didn’t bother me. I didn’t even flinch. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it because that was before I got a digital camera.
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Now that I’ve covered the history of tattoos, let’s move on to body piercings.

Body piercings can be almost (if not more) intimidating than tattoos. Most people – women at least – have had their ears pierced. However, most would still cringe at the thought of having a needle shoved through any other part of their face. Body piercings have gained popularity in the last ten to twenty years, but they have been a part of many cultures throughout time.
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