A New Use

October 31, 2006

I came across this news article and I was mildly disturbed.

This is a new use for tattoos that I’d never even considered, but I must admit it’s a good idea. However, I was shocked to read that a tattoo artist feared for his life.

Never did I think that tattoos would come into play in the war in Iraq!


3 Responses to “A New Use”

  1. The article is very sobering. I think of tattoos as self-expression, art, etc. I can’t imagine using this art form to brand myself for identification so family members can find my body. This is reality for people in Iraq. I hope tattoos are never a necessity in this form here in the U.S.A.

  2. kjamrozy said

    What an interesting article. I have never thought about having to do this so my family could identify me. This is a sad and real situation facing our troops. It is better that the family know their loved one is dead instead of wondering where they are, if they are safe, etc.

    Normally I would have a problem with branding people like cattle, but in this case I think it is a very selfless and awsome idea. Since it is so difficult and dangerous to have this done over there, troops should have this done before they are deployed. If it is illegal over there, you never know if the needles are clean or the place is safe.

  3. I thought that this article was interesting. I think I’ve heard about these type of markings before.

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