Body Implants

November 10, 2006

Do you think that tattoos and piercings can be extreme?
Do some piercings make you cringe?
Check this out.

I’ve never seen anybody in person with this type of implant, but I’m sure many of you have seen the “Cat Man” on television. You know, the guy with solid tattoos on his skin, implants in his upper lip, and whiskers?

Image courtesy of

This is pretty much what he did to get that cat-muzzle look.

While I give kudos to these people for being different, I’m also sort of grossed out. I don’t find it at all attractive and I’m willing to bet it would be hard to find someone who does.


4 Responses to “Body Implants”

  1. love2fish said

    I would call this the “Star Trek” look. I agree with Michael Johnston’s comment in the article. If you want to be different, accomplish something that makes a difference. Don’t mark your body and use the “hey, look at me” method.

  2. kjamrozy said

    I think that is need to be done by a surgeon in a sterile environment. I would not want soneone cutting my skin and implanting something that doen’t have a medical degree. Is this becoming an addiction for some? There is a lot of talk right now about people who are addicted to plastic surgery, and it sounds like the tatoos and piercings are the same. People need to realize that this is a type of surgery. For me, this crosses the line from tatoos and piercings to plastic surgery. After all, the main practice of plastic surgery is implants through out the body.

  3. Perhaps I should have added this bit of information.

    The “cat man” is actually a Native American and he claims that his tribe believes in transforming their bodies into their “totem,” and his is a cat. His is an extreme case; most don’t go that far. Since it’s a part of his culture, I can understand it a little better (and maybe you can), but there are others that do the same thing, purely for aesthetic reasons, such as the “lizard man” some of you may have seen on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

  4. “Extreme individualism” Wow! I would rather have my inner self shine through to enhance my individuality. Personally, I have never agreed with any type of surgery to alter ones appearance. However, would this fall under that category, or is it truly an artistic expression? Well, I can say for sure that it isn’t for me. I’m still interested in tattoos though.

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