The Septum Piercing

November 17, 2006

The septum is a piercing that greatly interests me, as I have one of my own and I think it’s very unique and attractive on those who can pull it off.

I enjoyed this article on the septum piercing. The facts are straight-forward and accurate, and presented in a way everyone can understand.


7 Responses to “The Septum Piercing”

  1. kjamrozy said

    I have never had a desire for this piercing. I have a very small nose, and would be afraid there wouldn’t be room for a piercing. It has always looked so painful, so I was glad to read it looks more painful than it is.

    I agree that it takes a certain person to pull this piercing off. I have seen some really neat looking septum piercings, and some really bad ones.

  2. I have always felt that this type of piercing would really hurt. I think that sometimes a person can try to overdue the earring. Those earring that are super thick and take up like half there nose are gross. I like them small and conservative. If you can pull it off.

  3. Merrick said

    I think you pull this piercing off really well. However the idea of it still freaks me out. Guess its just one of those I will never even attempt

  4. love2fish said

    What happens when you get a head cold? Do you take out the ring for the duration?

  5. I don’t take it out, but some people may want to. Personally I don’t get bad enough colds that it gets in the way of my piercing. However, if one does choose to take it out, it should be put back in 24 hours later at the most, or sooner depending on how old the piercing is. It can be dangerous to the piercing though because your body is fighting the cold, and it could also try to close up the piercing.

  6. The article was interesting. I love learning new ways of expression.

  7. l00k said

    Thanks for article about piercing

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