Tongue Piercings

November 27, 2006

I apologize for my lack of posts recently. WordPress has a strange affinity to logging me out all the time and I’m really getting fed up with it.

This entry is about the infamous tongue ring. This is one that I haven’t tried myself, and don’t plan to. It’s just one of those piercings that makes me shudder when I think of getting it done.

There are several different versions of the tongue ring, all of which look interesting (albeit creepy).

This is your standard tongue piercing. It is placed in the center and there is only one piece of jewelry.

This is the same thing, only with multiple piercings going down the center.

These are called venoms. The BME Encyclopedia describes them as “side-by-side off-centre tongue piercings, named after the placement of a snake’s fangs.” Their counterparts on the lip are called snakebites.

And some people just want them all!

Although I wouldn’t want one myself, I do find them fascinating.


9 Responses to “Tongue Piercings”

  1. I do not think I could ever get this done. It looks extremely painful. I’m not brave enough to get this done.

  2. Wow! I’ve never seen more than one on a tongue. The “venoms” piercings make the tongue really look like a snake. Fascinating. I’m one who has a hard time remembering to put my earrings in so I know this type of piercing wouldn’t last for me.

  3. love2fish said

    WordPress had been nasty lately. I always remember to write my posts in another word processor AFTER I get kickout out and lose half my work.

    Tongue piercings are my least favorite. It seems so unsanitary. Human mouths are full of bacteria. Food getting caught on the ring, pain, playing with the ring, it all grosses me out. An inflamed taste bud or cancer sores makes me crazy. Having something foreign in my mouth would be extremely uncomfortable.

    Thanks for taking me outside of my confort zone this semester, cspidy. I’ve learned much from your writings.

  4. kjamrozy said

    This piercing really scares me. My father is a dentist and said that this is a very dangerous piercing. There is a major artery that runs along the underside of your tongue that if it is severed, you can bleed to death in a matter of minutes. After he told me that, I could never bring myself to pierce my tongue. I hope that people who are considering having their tongue pierced are informed of the dangers first.

  5. Shari said

    Well i don’t care weather its painfull or not i just hate piercing anywhere. so weather its tounge or nose or belly or what ever i hate it.

    So i’ll say


  6. Then honey, you’re on the wrong blog.

  7. Merrick said

    kjamrozy your father is a dentist and hes right, there is an artery in your tongue and you could bleed to death. But if the piercer is any good, then they know how to manipulate that artery, and believe it or not, you can move it out of the way while piercing. Its almost like masaging the underside of the tounge.

  8. l00k said

    It looks extremely painful.

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