Tattoos: How, When, and Why?

September 7, 2006

Imagine you are walking through your local mall. You want to buy some new clothes for yourself, so you head towards the department store. While shopping, you notice a teenage girl leaning forward, exposing a small butterfly on the lower portion of her back. You finish your shopping and head to the music shop. There, you find yourself standing next to a big, burly man, and his shoulders are plastered with all kinds of gruff-looking artwork. You’re slightly intimidated, until he turns to you and asks your opinion on a new CD.    

Tattoos are everywhere. They have become very popular in this day and age, and amongst all ages. They may give you a certain impression on someone, but that doesn’t always hold to be true. But where do they come from? What exactly IS a tattoo? And what drives these people to inflict such painful practices on their bodies? This is what I will cover today. Read the rest of this entry »